Welcome to Emma Lazarus High School

Do you have a thing for Technology? Do you have a desire to learn about new technologies, sound, or lighting equipment while helping out your school? Sign up for MOUSE Squad! We are a club that not only teaches you the basics of technology but actual skills that you can use in college and work.  
All students and ESL levels are welcome!
Applicants are accepted based on grades, attendance, and community involvement.
Significant computer knowledge not required, just a willing to learn.
 If you are interested, please click the link below to sign up:

Our theme song was written by an Emma Lazarus student to reflect the experience of our school community.

Office 365 Education for students is finally here!
Includes up to 5 copies of the latest Microsoft Office Suite for any device,
follow the link for your copy.

We are now taking admission applications
 to Emma Lazarus High School 
 Please call (212) 925-5017  for more information.

Emma Lazarus High School serves
English Langu
age Learners 
age 16 years of age and older. 
We have a rolling admissions policy, 
and we accept new students
throughout the year.