About Our School

Our Mission: To provide a safe, secure and academically rigorous environment and program to second language students. Graduating students will be bilingual and uniquely qualified to enter institutions of higher learning, the global economy and the world of work. 

Emma Lazarus High school offers a unique program for students who are second language learners. Our programs are designed to support diverse, older students learning English as they complete their high school studies, while also preparing them to enter institutions of higher learning. 

Technology is infused into every aspect of the classroom: students and teachers have personal laptops, and we use equipment such as IPads, video cameras, audio recorders, and professional software on a daily basis. 

Emma Lazarus’s student population is comprised of over eighteen different language groups. Our staff, like our students, is multi-cultural and specifically trained to support the needs of second language students. 

We offer an English immersion program where all classes are taught in English with built in supports for students in their native languages. Therefore, English becomes the common language for all students and accelerates the learning process. It is our belief that learning should not be specific to the classroom, but should include exposure to outside experiences and activities. We offer a hands-on, rigorous, and dynamic curriculum designed to prepare students for college and the working world. 

Students also take frequent trips outside the classroom, to help them acquire English and learn more about their adopted city and country. Our programs not only support content development, but support all of our students, and families, in their acculturation and allows all to learn through experience. 

Students at Emma Lazarus will graduate with skill sets that uniquely prepare them for our 21st century technological and international society.