Student Projects

Emma Lazarus High School has a 1:1 student laptop program and students are exposed to technology on a daily basis. In addition, every room is equipped with a SMART Board, and teachers and students have access to iPads, iPods, document cameras, digital/video cameras, MacBook Pro computers, and professional-level production and design software. 

The following projects are examples of some of the project-based learning students have produced at Emma Lazarus using technology. Please visit our Vimeo page for more student projects.

Author Studies from Ms. Yang's Class (ESL)

Year in Review Presentations from Ms. Scragg's Class (English)

French Revolution Videos from Ms. Park's Class (ESL)

Video on Night from Ms. Vona's Class (Social Studies)

Literature Circle Videos from Ms. Scragg's Class (English)

Class Blog from Ms. Dreyfus' Class (ESL)
Geometry Wiki from Ms. Gao's Class (Math) 

Public Service Announcements from Ms. Scragg's Class (Technology) 

Economics Podcasts from Ms. Vona's Class (Social Studies) 

Founding Fathers Photoshop Project from Ms. Scragg's Class (Technology)  

VoiceThread project from Ms. Naik's Class (ESL)

Wordle on "Sonny's Blues" from Ms. Scragg's Class (English)