Student Voices:








"Our teachers care about every single student in the school. They show their kindness and caring, and that's why I went to Emma Lazarus. I haven't seen such a peaceful school in New York before. There are many different activities, and in my afterschool class, we took a trip twice a month for free! I was an unknown student on my first day, and now I am known as an individual." 
-- Young Suk Oh, Korea

"If I was to explain all of the good things about our school, my pen wouldn't have enough ink. Emma Lazarus is a school that wants their students to be exceptional in all things, from education to social skills. Here we are rich with understanding, with attention for all the students. We take the responsibility to raise up the torch for the school to be great."
-- Chesna Gelin, Haiti

"Emma Lazarus High School is a big family. We come from different countries and cultural backgrounds, but we have a common dream: learning English. When I first came to this school, everything was strange to me. I didn't have friends and my English was poor. Fortunately, the teachers explained to me until I understood. In Emma Lazarus High School, teachers and advisors are kind and help students to solve many problems. They are not only teaching us knowledge, but also paying attention to our life skills. We care about each other here." -- Min Wei, China

"I am the first in my family who will have the opportunity to finish my studies and exercise my professional goals. I am filled with pride. I am very grateful to everyone at Emma Lazarus because they are helping me achieve my dreams."  
-- Geovanni Gutierrez, Mexico

"Emma Lazarus High School gives me the opportunity to build professional skills through the Learning to Work program. Students have internships at different New York businesses, and we earn a paycheck. Before this school, I was like a bird flying around without a destination, but here I feel that I am in flight to succeed." -- Jonathan Bontemps, Haiti

"The classes are challenging, but also a lot of fun, because the teachers use creative ways to help us understand ideas better, since we are ESL students. Students from different countries work together in classes and talk in the hallways. They study together, hang out together, and speak in our common language, English. You won't feel lonely here, because you are a member of a big, happy family. Come join us and be ready to enjoy high school!" 
                                                         -- Xiaoting Zhao, China