About Us

Emma Lazarus High school offers a unique program for students who are English language learners. Our programs are designed to support diverse, older students learning English as they complete their high school studies, while also preparing them to enter institutions of higher learning.  Technology is infused into every aspect of the classroom: students and teachers have personal laptops, and we use equipment such as iPads, video cameras, audio recorders, and professional software on a daily basis.  We are very excited to announce that Emma Lazarus High School has been named the #1 High School in the United States of America for low-income students and #20 in America's Top High Schools in 2014 by Newsweek magazine!


To provide a safe, secure and academically rigorous environment and program to second language students. Graduating students will be bilingual and uniquely qualified to enter institutions of higher learning, the global economy and the world of work.


  • English Immersion
  • College Credit-bearing Courses
  • Individual Student Laptops
  • College Preparatory Courses
  • Advanced & Regents Diplomas Awarded
  • 18+ Languages Spoken on Site
  • High College Acceptance Rate
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Technology-integrated Curriculum
  • Intimate Student Population of 315
  • Free Meals & Transportation
  • Free Educational Trips
  • Paid Internships


  • National Honor Society
  • College Now/City University Partnership
  • Advisory classes
  • Learning to Work Program
  • Student Mentoring
  • Arts & Theatre classes
  • PM School & Summer Course Offerings
  • Student Government
  • Job-readiness Seminars & Trainings


The goals of the LTW Program are to help students: 
  • Expand their knowledge of career options
  • Use their educational, and internship activities as a base for achieving longer-term goals
  • Develop work readiness skills
  • Improve educational achievement

ELHS Theme Song

Written by Saidkamol Javadov, this video features Emma Lazarus students and staff.