Admissions Criteria

Parent Voices

At Emma Lazarus, part of our mission is to create an environment that feels safe and secure for students. Parents, students and staff are all part of the Emma Lazarus family. We know the important role families play in the success of our students and our model focuses on inclusion of and support for our families.

Parents and caregivers are often involved in supporting school activities and we also provide a range of services for both newly-arrived and long-term families. In the past year, our families have been involved in ESL classes, trips to Broadway plays, sporting events, and parent fundraisers.

What Parents Are Saying

We believe that the best way to learn about our school is through our parent voices, so please listen to what they have to say:

  • "Emma Lazarus High School is an institution that is guaranteeing a future for my daughter. The teaching that is imparted by the teachers is one of quality."
  • "Even though I was far away, I was aware of everything in my son's school life because of the excellent communication from Emma Lazarus. The school is a great support for my son. I am in debt to Emma Lazarus for the emotional stability of my son."
  • "For me, it was and always will be, the best choice for the education of my child. I’m very happy and delighted with Emma Lazarus High School."