Admissions Criteria

Parent Voices

At Emma Lazarus, part of our mission is to create an environment that feels safe and secure for students. Parents, students and staff are all part of the Emma Lazarus family. We know the important role families play in the success of our students and our model focuses on inclusion of and support for our families.

Parents and caregivers are often involved in supporting school activities and we also provide a range of services for both newly-arrived and long-term families. In the past year, our families have been involved in ESL classes, trips to Broadway plays, sporting events, and parent fundraisers.

What students are saying

To provide a safe and secure environment where students feel empowered to learn, grow and develop their cognitive skills while preparing them with the tools to become successful young adults is one of our many goals, it fills us with pride and joy to listen to what they have to say about our community, and now is your time to listen too!

  • "This is a tremendous high school located in China Town, which is highly convenient to visit the community. The study the atmosphere of this school was harmonious and optimistic. The students were helping each other with their academic questions or asking help from teachers. It also offers various club for students and to encourage them to join more extracurricular activities as well. This school was an excellent school on helping you to get a good grade for your high school study and be able to finish the school year efficiency. Teachers are very nice and helpful on your concerns of the school life. You will have an unforgettable experience in this school and miss it so much in your life. It has a high graduation ratio of students and most of them are get in their dream college."
  • "Emma Lazarus High School is the best educational institution for the immigrants who have little or no English because the curriculum of every teacher is well-built to teach their subjects to ESL pupils. Not only do we, Emma students, receive laptops to use during the school day, but we also have free lunch and field trips! I love that as immigrants, we are obtaining the same level of education as Americans!"
  • "Throughout my whole student life, Emma Lazarus was the most comfortable school for immigrants. Students always ready to receive any help from faculty and from many social workers. They have effective system for future college students to understand the college system through College Now program and AP classes like AP English. In addition to that they are able to provide Advanced Diploma to their students. Also they were able to provide internship programs to the students, in order to get them ready for the adulthood. Even so this school is good for immigrants!"

What Parents Are Saying

We believe that the best way to learn about our school is through our parent voices, so please listen to what they have to say:

  • "Emma Lazarus High School is an institution that is guaranteeing a future for my daughter. The teaching that is imparted by the teachers is one of quality."
  • "Even though I was far away, I was aware of everything in my son's school life because of the excellent communication from Emma Lazarus. The school is a great support for my son. I am in debt to Emma Lazarus for the emotional stability of my son."
  • "For me, it was and always will be, the best choice for the education of my child. I’m very happy and delighted with Emma Lazarus High School."